Popular Howard Stern BitTorrent Site Shutdown (2005)

Popular Howard Stern BitTorrent Site Shutdown (2005) 1Redskunk.org, the popular website that posted BitTorrent files of the Howard Stern Show, closed down yesterday after getting a cease and desist letter from Stern’s production company, One Twelve (Stern’s birthday is Jan. 12th) and his current radio partner Infinity Broadcasting.

RedSkunk was a savior to Stern fans in radio markets that stopped carrying his show. The site offered mp3 BitTorrent files of Stern’s weekday morning radio show. The past year several stations have dropped The Howard Stern Show because of his upcoming move to satellite radio and/or FCC fines.

Here is the letter from the CBS/Infinity lawyers:

A matter of serious concern has come to our attention. We have learned that you are offering audio downloads of THE HOWARD STERN SHOW (the “Show”) without the permission of the copyright owners. Enclosed herewith is a copy of the web page offering such download. Please be advised that the Show and the various elements thereof are owned jointly by Infinity Broadcasting East, Inc. (“Infinity”) and One Twelve Inc. (which is owned by Howard Stern). Neither Infinity nor Howard Stern has authorized you to use, copy, transmit, disseminate or otherwise exploit any material from the Show. These blatant and willful infringements have resulted in significant damages both to Infinity and Mr. Stern. You should know your copyright and other infringements could result in court imposed damages on you. Unless you immediately remove the audio downloads of the Show and other infringing materials and provide us with written assurances that all such infringing use has stopped and will not resume in the future, we will have no alternative but to take appropriate action to protect Infinity’s and Mr. Stern’s rights. We require receipt of such written assurance from you by no later than the close of business on November 15, 2005. CBS and Mr. Stern specifically reserve any and all rights and remedies with respect to your unauthorized use of their material.

Very truly yours,
Sanford I. Kryle
Vice President, Associate General Counsel
CBS Broadcasting Inc.
1515 Broadway, 49th Floor
New York, New York 10036
212 846-3601

Popular Howard Stern BitTorrent Site Shutdown (2005) 2If you are unfamiliar with BitTorrent and how to use it, please check out our in-depth BitTorrent tutorial.

Howard Stern fans, in markets that no longer carry his radio show, will have to wait until January 9th 2006 to hear his show on Sirius Satellite radio.