Apple OS Market Share Breaks 4%

Apple OS Market Share Breaks 4% 1Has the popularity of the iPod had a halo effect on Mac computer sales? Are people switiching to Mac from PC? According to Internet traffic statistic company, HitsLink, in November 2005 the Apple OS market share broke 4%.

Apple market share has been constant to slowly growing the past 12 months, but November showed a nice gain from 3.87% to 4.11%. December’s early numbers show Apple OS making another large jump in market share this month as well.

The chart also shows Microsoft XP steadily gaining market share. However, these gains are coming at the expense of older Windows platforms as people continue to upgrade computers and operating systems.

Apple OS Market Share Breaks 4% 2

Note that this data is based on computers browsing the internet, and does not attempt to reflect server operating system usage.