Tech Blogger Proposes To Girlfriend With An Engraved iPod

Big congratulations to JD, the blogger at GeekMeUp. He proposed to his girlfriend, Kathryn, in one of the most uniquely geeky ways possible: an engraved iPod.

iPod Wedding Proposal

He took advantage of the engraving option when you order an iPod from and had the phrase “Kathryn McCollister, will you marry me?” engraved on the back. The 4GB black iPod Nano was shipped factory sealed so he couldn’t even open it first to verify the engraving was actually there.

iPod Wedding Proposal
Rings You Can Return, But an iPod Is Forever: “Kathryn McCollister will you marry me?

Here’s JD’s blog post announcing his clever but nerdy wedding proposal.

“This geek is officially off the market. In true geek fashion, I proposed to my girlfriend via the iPod. A brand new black 4gb Nano with the marriage proposal engraved on the back. I was more worried that I would have to return the Nano than the ring. Also, I was very nervous that the right message was there since I didn’t open it ahead of time. That way it was even more of a shock since it had all the wrapping direct from the factory. It would have been a shame if there was a mix-up and she got the one that read “congrats crazy Jim on the big 5-0”. She was very surprised and said “yes” by the way, hey she was getting a new Nano AND a diamond ring, what more could a geek wife to be want? Love is in the air and wonderful music and pictures are on the nano.”

Rings You Can Return, But an iPod Is Forever

Apple has a “no return” policy with custom engraved iPods. So basically, a ring you can return, but an iPod is forever. Congratulations JD! Wishing you and Kathryn all the best!