Daylight Robbery at Apple Store

Daylight Robbery at Apple Store 1The next time you are in an Apple Store, take a closer look at the people around you… one of them might be a thief. According to a recent post by Cult of Mac blogger Leander Kahney, some people are even stealing PowerBooks in broad daylight. There’s even a Flickr post of the missing PowerBook.

“The robbery was during shop hours, and apparently right under the staff’s noses. I wonder why the alarm didn’t freak out — and doesn’t every store have a security guard? All the ones I’ve visited do.

I was a bit of a shoplifter as a youth — mostly food and books — but I’d never have the nerve to do this. I did know some guys though that robbed big ticket items like VCRs from electronics stores. This was years ago and in the early days of RF security detectors. They used a kitchen trash can lined with tin foil. They walked in, helped themselves and strolled out laughing. They were so brazen and relaxed, no one even glanced at them.”