Mystery Apple Media Cube Photo

Mystery Apple Media Cube Photo 1Cult of Mac blogger, Leander Kahney, found a suspicious looking photo on MacDailyNews.

This “suspicious” image might shed some light on the invitation Apple sent to journalists and analysts Tuesday morning for a Feb. 28 event. The following vague phrase was printed on the invitations: “Come see some fun new products from Apple.”

Most of the speculation around what Apple might announce on Feb 28th include an Apple branded cell phone, a touch sensitive iPod with wider screen and a TiVo like Apple Media Center.

Leander says that this blurry picture was supposedly shot with a camera-phone and anonymously emailed to MacDailyNews. The text that was included with the photo is as follows:

“I was only able to snap one quick shot of this as I was only in there for about 30 seconds. I sort of stumbled upon it – can’t say more about how or why. I only got about half a sec to look around back – there are a bunch of ports (and maybe a button or two) neatly arranged on the back (?) of the cube in a line along the bottom edge. It’s about 8-inches square and 8-inches tall – a perfect cube. It seems to be made out of a similar material as a Power Mac – aluminum perforated with a round hole pattern, but they’re smaller holes than found on a Power Mac. The top is the same material as the sides with the addition of the Apple logo, even though it doesn’t look like it in the photo – I had to snap it quick, sorry.

I don’t have any real detail on exactly what it’s designed to do, but I know from other things I can’t mention that it’s media-related. Apple “Media Cube,” maybe? Anyway, thought you guys would be interested.

Hummm. Real of fake, this photo is feeding the buzz around Apple’s announcement on Feb. 28th. According to Ross Rubinan, an analyst at the market research firm NPD Group, trying to guess what Apple might announce is a “fruitless guessing game.”

Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see.