Playboy Begins Bodcasting

Playboy Begins Bodcasting 1With the pornographic industry clamoring to tout their wares on your microscopic iPod screens, it was never going to be long before dear old Hugh and his Playboy empire got in on the act.

Our friends over at sent us a link to the Playboy Bodcast, a downloadable podcast containing specific content from which is updated every weekday.

Easy to follow instructions for downloading the Bodcasts are available at the website and Playboy says they plan to introduce “sexier premium Playboy Bodcasts” in the near future.

What should you expect from a Playboy Bodcast? They currently offer the following 3 Video Bodcasts:

  • Topless Joke of the Day:
    Nothing sells a joke like a great delivery, and no one delivers a joke better than a Playboy model.
  • Ask Hef Anything:
    Wit and wisdom from Mr. Playboy himself
  • From the Mouth of Babes:
    Video advice from’s sexy Cyber Girls of the Month

Yup, just one more obstacle in the way of teenagers the world over doing their homework.