Apple Files Touch Sensitive Patent Documents For Next Generation iPod (2006)

According to some recent patent documents filed by Apple, a touch sensitive iPod might be in their future roadmap.

Touch Sensitive Patent Documents

Here are a few of the patent documents that Apple submitted to the US trademark website. The documents show how a user can control the iPod’s interface using a touchscreen instead of buttons or the iPod Click Wheel.

Apple Files Touch Sensitive Patent Documents For Next Generation iPod

Is the touch-sensitive iPod going to be a reality? You be the judge. After seeing these images, I must say it looks like an iPod to me. And with the increasing popularity of tablet PCs, a touch-sensitive iPod would be something that would be very plausible.

Beyond Touch Sensitive: Multi-Touch

Touch-sensitive is cool enough. But what about multi-touch? Multi-touch technology enables people to use multiple fingers on a single screen. Multi-touch gestures like pinch-zooming or swiping with multiple fingers could create a whole new set of possibilities with portable touch screen devices.

Apple Products With Touch Technology

What products will Apple choose to integrate with touch technology? Hopefully all of them. It would be great to see the iPod, as well as Apple’s desktop and laptop monitors, get this technology. Also, according to the rumors, Apple is working on both phone and tablet products. Why not give all of them touch or multi-touch capabilities?

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