Apple Buys Newark Data Center

Apple Buys Newark Data Center 1According to the Silicon Business Journal, ever-expanding Apple Computer Inc. has acquired an impressively equipped but never-used data center in Newark, CA for an estimated $45 million. Newark, California is the East Bay of Silicon Valley.

What does this data center mean?
Why would Apple purchase a $50 million dollar data center? Acquiring a data center shows that Apple needs to drastically increase their server facilities to handle a major increase in downloadable content. After all, that’s what data centers are for.

How would Apple use this data center?
Could this data center be for Apple’s .Mac service? Probably not. This data center is a Tier IV facility and would be major overkill for just people with .Mac accounts. However, this Tier IV data center would be all the servers Apple would need to offer downloadable movie offerings from the iTunes Movie Store.

Did iTunes just get a permanent home base? Does Apple have a movie store coming soon? The purchase of this data center certainly raises a few eyebrows.