Who’s Responsible for Paris Hilton?

Who's Responsible for Paris Hilton? 1Come on you little skank, please stop making it so easy for US to make YOU look like an idiot! We know you’re stupid, but wearing your stupidity on a tighty whitey? Look, at the ripe old age of 25, if you still don’t know the difference between your and you’re (and you printed it on a t-shirt), it’s time to retire from the grind that is your empty life of whoring around the globe on your Grandfather’s private jet.

I finally decided to ask the question. Who’s fault is it that this talentless whore remains on the cover of magazines, in the news, and on TV? It’s simple, since 1980 the world has been infatuated with young blonde woman from Manhattan with perky breasts and loose morals. Specifically, Lacey Underalls, the spoiled rich bitch from the movie Caddyshack.

Paris Hilton can’t act, can’t sing, has trouble with simple math, is rumored to have herpes, and based on this picture needs to get hooked on phonics, instead of the hardest and richest stud in the room. But she remains the queen of gossip. What’s even scarier, is that someone hasn’t stepped-in and sterilized this poor girl before she’s allowed to produce an offspring to waste our precious oxygen.

Not a believer? Still not convinced? Here’s an in-depth comparison between Paris Hilton and Lacey Underalls.

Put on an anti-viral panty liner and let the battle between the spoiled blonde rich bitches begin!

[Via Methodshop]