Is Apple Phasing Out The 60 GB iPod Video? (2006)

Apple may be phasing out the 60 GB iPod Video, according to analyst Shaw Wu from American Technology Research. He believes Apple could release a wide-screen video iPod with Bluetooth headphones as early as the June quarter.

The iPod Video 60 GB Is At Risk Of Being Discontinued

What exactly Apple has planned for the next version of the iPod is still a mystery, but Apple has told its distributors that the 60 GB iPod is at “risk” of being discontinued or replaced until the end of April. Amazon has already dropped the price of the 60GB iPod Video by $15-20.

Apple iPod 60 GB Black
Apple iPod Video 60 GB (Black)

The current 60 GB iPod Video came out over 150 days ago (October 12, 2005) and is probably due for an update. The average product cycle is about 145 days. This is consistent with Apple’s warning to its distributors about the 60GB iPod being discontinued or replaced sometime in or after April.

Touch Screen iPod Rumors

Many rumor sites believe that the next iPod will have a touch screen that covers the entire face of the iPod and a virtual click wheel. Apple recently filed a patent for a multi-point touch screen technology. This type of technology would normally be used in a tablet computer but many believe that Apple plans to adapt it for the iPod.

What about the Bluetooth headphones? Is that prediction too far-fetched?

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