Free Audi USB Keychain

Free Audi USB Keychain 1UPDATE: Audi took the page down because they were flooded with requests.

Want a free USB keychain? Auto manufacturer, Audi, is giving away a free 32MB USB keychain drive with each online brochure request for the A3 sedan.

A 32MB USB keychain normally retails for around $15.00, so why would Audi give these away for free? Here’s the catch: The 32MB USB drive contains an interactive A3 brochure (which you can delete) and of course you will get added to the Audi mailing list.

If you are actually in the market for a new car, this free USB drive is a nice incentive. However, if you just want the free USB keychain, being added to the Audi mailing list might be more trouble than it’s worth.

The free keychain is only available for residents of the US and Canada. Use these links to request the Audi brochure: USA or Canada.

Make sure you select the “A3 (USB stick)” option to get the free USB keychain. Enjoy.