iAlertU Prevents Laptop Theft

Cult of Mac blogger, Leander Kahney found an interesting video on YouTube.com that could prevent your Apple laptop from being stolen.

iAlertU Prevents Laptop Theft 1“iAlertU is a super clever anti-theft software package that sounds the alarm in the event of an attempted laptop theft.

The software uses the hard drive motion sensors built into late model PowerBooks and MacBooks. The sensors park the hard drive heads in the event of a fall, but in iAlertU, they sound a screeching alarm if the laptop is picked up. Click the video to see it in action.

I love the witty use of the remote, which arms the laptop just like a car alarm. The screen even flashes like a vehicle’s marker lights.”

Who knows, iAlertU could actually save your laptop from being stolen. You can download iAlertU from VersionTracker.com.