3 Men and a Little Gravy Podcast

3 Men and a Little Gravy Podcast 1First Lauren Weiss gave men an inside look at the world of women. Now 3 Men and a Little Gravy let you eavesdrop on the disturbing things that go on in the minds of men.

Patrick Walsh, Josh Shurtleff and Ian Friedman cover such diverse topics as Pat’s spelling bee race scandal, Josh’s humiliating fitness test, and Ian’s sadistic view of relationships. Send your kids to bed, grab your headphones, and get an audio podcast assault from these 3 Men and a Little Gravy.

There are a few ways to subscribe to this podcast (iTunes is best, but you don’t need it just to listen). See below:

1. iTunes users: Open iTunes, go to the iTunes Music Store. Search any of our names: Josh Shurtleff, Ian Friedman or Patrick Walsh. You should find a podcast labeled patrickwalsh.blog-city. Click and subscribe.

2. No iTunes or too confusing? Go to Patrickwalshblog – and subscribe in the top-right corner. You can subscribe using iTunes or Yahoo Music.

3. Or, go to http://patrickwalsh.blog-city.com and download the mp3s – no iTunes necessary.

The 3 Men and a Little Gravy podcast is like NPR, but with dick jokes. Enjoy!
[WARNING: Explicit language and topics]