Apple’s Glass Cube

Apple's Glass Cube 1Did Apple just bring back the failed Power Mac G4 Cube?

According to AppleInsider, construction workers haven taken the cover off the 32-foot glass cube entranceway in front of Apple’s new Midtown Manhattan flagship retail location. Inside the glass cube is a giant backlit Apple logo that appears to float in the middle of the structure.

The combination of the cube shape with the giant Apple logo immediately brings to mind the failed Apple Power Mac G4 Cube released in 2000. In July 2001, Apple posted this press release saying that production of the Power Mac Cube was being put “on ice”, but the product was not being officially discontinued. Is this new glass structure Apple’s way of bringing the Cube back to life?

There are thousands of glass cube images on flickr but Cult of Mac blogger Leander Kahney found a great aerial view on Boingboing.

Apple's Glass Cube 2