Beatles Lose Apple Battle

The battle of the two Apples is over…. for now.

Apple Corps, The Beatles record label, lost their ridiculous court battle with Apple Computer over its iTunes download service on Monday. The Judge ruled that Apple Computer used its logo in association with its store, not the music, and was not in breach of an earlier 1991 agreement between the two companies. If Apple Computer had lost today’s court battle, iPods and iTunes products would no longer be able to carry the Apple name and logo.

If you aren’t unfamiliar with the Apple vs Apple saga, the two companies have been in legal battles since the 1980s. Apple Corps believes that there is consumer confusion if both “Apple” companies are engaged in audio or music related business.

Part of the lawsuit involves a disagreement in the similarity between the two “Apple” logos. Let’s take a look:

Beatles Lose Apple Battle 1

Apple Computer Logo:
Apple Computer was founded in 1976 and helped launch the personal computer industry with products like the Lisa and the Macintosh. The Apple Computer logo is an abstract apple with a section removed from the right side. The Apple looks like someone took a physical bite (or maybe a byte of data) out of it.

Beatles Lose Apple Battle 2Apple Corps Logo:
Apple Corps was set up by The Beatles in 1968 and is represented by a green Granny Smith apple (without a bite). The Apple Corps logo was designed by Gene Mahon and based on a Rene Magritte painting owned by Paul McCartney.

Honestly, Apple Corps is a joke. Koo Koo Ka Choo. They are a small time record company founded by The Beatles in 1968. The Apple Corps website is nothing more than a single page placeholder with a phone number on it. When you hear the name Apple, who do you think of… iPods or The Beatles? There is no consumer confusion over Apple Computer products and Beatles CDs. This lawsuit was just about greed and the judge made the right decision.

If only The Beatles could just “Let It Be.”