Rocket Launch Ringtones

Rocket Launch Ringtones 1The rocket scientists over have come up with a clever way to promote their blog – free rocket launch ringtones. They combined a launch “countdown” with actual audio of an Atlas rocket liftoff and converted it into a mobile phone ringtone.

In case you are curious, the countdown heard in the ringtone wasn’t recorded live. There were too many other voices and static to get a clean recording at the time. So while in the studio for the ASTRA 1KR launch last month, Don “The Voice of Atlas” Spencer sat down and recorded a clean countdown for the ringtone, which was later combined with actual liftoff audio.

The ringtone is actually pretty funny. The next time your cell phone rings, you’ll feel like you only have 10 seconds to get it before it launches into voicemail.

You can get your free rocket launch ringtones at