Trapped Australian Miners Get iPod Relief

Trapped Miners Get iPods

UPDATE: The Beaconsfield miners were rescued at approximately 9PM US EST [May 8, 2006].

If you were trapped underground for a few days, what would you want more than anything in the world? Probably not to be trapped underground… Anyway, to help relieve the extreme boredom of two trapped Australian miners, rescuers have given them iPods.

According to The Age, two iPods and some food were slid down a plastic PVC pipe to these poor guys while rescuers try to come up with a rescue plan.

The miners are trapped inside a Beaconsfield gold mine in northern Australia. A cave in trapped the two men beneath several meters of rock and killed a fellow miner. The two surviving men, Todd Russell and Brant Webb, are trying to keep their spirits up. They have been trapped underground since April 25th. Matthew Gill, the mine manager, had this to say in a statement; “They remain in good health and have now received iPods so they can listen to their favorite music…”

So what would you put on their iPod playlists? Here are a few suggestions from an iTunes iMix.

ALl of the news reports sound optimistic. We hope they get rescued soon!