‘Chappelle’ DVD release inspires video contest

'Chappelle' DVD release inspires video contest 1As part of its promotional campaign for the June 13 DVD release of “Dave Chappelle’s Block Party,” Universal Studios is using the video sharing service Revver to power a contest that requires fans to be creative.

The national campaign asks consumers to submit a video explaining why Chappelle should attend their fictional block party, bearing in mind the comedian’s style and sensibility.

Entrants then compete to get the most number of viewers by marketing their video on social networking sites, blogs, e-mail or any other way they can devise.

Revver CEO Steven Starr said the venture capital-backed company can accurately determine how many people view any particular Revver video, making it possible to award the most popular five videos with prize packages.

“The explosive growth of online video sharing is creating opportunities for individual creators, and this contest is a perfect example,” Starr said. “We’re also finding that there’s a pretty good appetite in the branded marketplace to develop interactive opportunities and content.”

Each video posted via Revver can be tracked, no matter whether it was posted to a Web site, a blog, sent in an e-mail or shared in another way.

In another difference between Revver and its major competition, YouTube, revenue is generated by adding ads to each clip. Advertisers are charged only when viewers click on the ad, with the resulting revenue divided equally between Revver and the content creator.

“We are tracking the videos and we offer the content owner analytics,” Starr said. “We can report data like how many times it was viewed and where it was viewed via the IP address. We have a very evolved set of reporting mechanisms, so we can be very precise.”

Starr said preserving intellectual property rights is essential to Revver’s strategy as well. He said that every piece of content is reviewed by a staff member before it can be seen by the public.


[Via insidenbc.ge.com]