Ethernet Connector Cufflinks

Ethernet Connector Cufflinks 1Want to make a big impression at DefCon or your next computer conference?

The guys at have a nice little tutorial on how to “hack” together a pair of cufflinks out of Ethernet connectors and bits of wire.

Here’s the link to the Crimp-your-own Cufflinks tutorial if you want to follow suit. It’s a pretty entertaining read even if you don’t actually need a pair of Ethernet cufflinks.

Have they started a trend? Could Ethernet Connector Cufflinks be most-geek-style clothing accessory ever? Try them out at your next computer convention. Maybe you might get lucky. How can you go wrong with a little convention booty?

Is it nerdy? Yes. Is it geek chic at its finest? Absolutely.

Ethernet Connector Cufflinks 2
Let the crimping begin!

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