Harman Kardon AVR 635 Receiver

Harman Kardon AVR 635 Receiver 1The Harmon Kardon AVR 635 delivers cutting-edge performance at a greatly reduced price. With a list price of $1,299 it’s now available on Amazon for around $800.

Versatility at its best! The AVR 645 not only switches two HDMI 1.1 sources, it is able to decode Dolby Digital, DTS and PCM audio streams from the HDMI inputs. Add USB audio, iPod connectivity and XM-Ready capability to our EzSet/EQ system and high-current amplifier, and the AVR 645 performs with ease.

Equally impressive on the video side is format conversion so that all analog video inputs may be viewed via component outputs, and A/V Sync Delay, which reconnects the timing of sound and images. There is no better combination of sound and image anywhere.

Audioholics: “Harman Kardon has delivered in a big way with a small price tag. Someone who is familiar with higher end specs and performance will not be let down by it’s features; but more importantly, the person looking for a great centerpiece for his first home theater has found a powerful, un-intimidating, user friendly and killer sounding receiver that can get him started and allow him to grow in the future.”