Television Week 2006 Hot List: David Gregory and Mike Steib

Television Week 2006 Hot List: David Gregory and Mike Steib 1The 10 rising stars who make up Television Week’s 2006 Hot List work in a wide variety of segments within the media business, but they are all impact players who will help shape the industry in the years to come. The list, selected by TVWeek’s editors and reporters, includes members of the creative and advertising communities, on-air talent and development personnel, representatives of the newsroom and the regulatory arena. A significant portion of the list comprises people who are involved in new media. No one on the list is older than 35, and all have already begun to make their mark on the industry. We think they are all worth watching, and we expect them each to play an important role in determining the future course of the TV industry.

David Gregory’s family connections helped him get a foot in the door of TV news, but they weren’t exactly helpful after he landed his first job.

As news director at KGUN-TV in Tucson, Ariz., Ray Depa had just finished laying off several members of his newsroom staff when his boss called him in and told him that the college-age son of a friend was to be hired as a paid intern for the summer.

Mr. Depa’s reaction? “You’ve got to be kidding me. This kid will be eaten alive.”

“We gave him every rotten job we could think of,” Mr. Depa recalled recently.

But Mr. Gregory did them cheerfully and well. The child of privilege-his father, Don Gregory, produced many Broadway vehicles-did not arrive with silver spoon in mouth and attitude flag flying. Instead, he rented a horrid “dive” of an apartment and bought a bicycle to ride to and from work, Mr. Depa said.

As the summer wore on, Mr. Gregory began to get real assignments instead of hazing.

He remembers himself being “certainly not very polished, but I was ambitious.”

Mr. Depa recalled that Mr. Gregory proved he “just had all the tools.”