Flat-Panel TV Prices Dropping Soon

Flat-Panel TV Prices Dropping Soon 1Lower-than-expected demand for Plasma TVs is spurring makers to cut prices – setting the stage for a bargain-filled back-to-school and holiday shopping season.

This is really good news for anyone looking to make the jump from a heavy and bulky SONY Trinitron for example. Three years ago a 27-inch SONY that’s now $340 could be had for about $700. And now for just a few hundred more you can have a beautiful plasma hanging on your wall…taking-up a lot less space too!

In all honestly didn’t we see this coming? It’s not unlike computers whose processing power doubles every year. While the “average” computer stays modestly priced we see the power of that machine growing disproportionately to its price. It’s not a bad trend, computers get faster and cheaper while Plasma TVs get more affordable.