Harman Kardon TC30 Universal Remote

Harman Kardon TC30 Universal Remote 1The Harman Kardon TC30 is a great remote. It does everything it should do and does it intuitively. It feels good in your hand, won’t roll off the couch, and is easy to program.

With the functionality covered, let’s get the point of buying such an item. This remote is simply one of the coolest looking pieces of technolgy going…all other remotes look a 1950s toaster compared to this.

According to Harman Kardon, “There’s a good reason that the “TC” in “TC 30” stands for “Take Control.” This unique product does more than just operate single components; it dramatically changes the way you configure and use a remote control. Setup is done directly with our Web site, where plain language “wizards” recognize the brand and model of all your equipment and automatically send the right codes back to the TC 30. The TC 30 remote groups all the needed commands, including “Watch TV,” “Listen to CD,” “Watch a DVD” and “Listen to The Bridge,” into unified activities. All you need to do is look at the color LCD screen, select the icon that matches the activity, and the TC 30 does the rest. It’s easy, it’s fun and it makes operating otherwise complex systems a breeze.”