Ads in a Mere Magazine? How Last Century

Ads in a Mere Magazine? How Last Century 1THE latest version of Conde Nast’s Fashion Rocks extravaganza features a concert with Elton John and other top performers to be broadcast in 20 countries, a star-studded after-party, an E! red carpet special and a fund-raiser for AIDS.

Oh, and a magazine.

It’s a familiar story from magazine publishing companies lately: part of staying relevant means staging outsize, razzle-dazzle productions that incorporate television, the Web and wireless communications — but have relatively little to do with the print product.

Conde Nast does not like being called a mere magazine company, even though it publishes 27. ”We’re content providers,” said Richard D. Beckman, the president of the Conde Nast media group, in an interview. ”We’re a company that provides content.”

But even at a time when magazine companies are constantly competing for attention outside of their glossy publications, Fashion Rocks is an unusually elaborate production.

Mr. Beckman said it was now four times the size it was at its debut in 2004. The concert on Sept. 7 in New York will include performers like Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill and Beyonce.