CBS IN CHEAPSKATE REVENGE 1CBS is getting even with NBC for plastering two, four-story-tall billboards featuring newsman Brian Williams’ kisser and the “Today” show crew outside CBS’ West 57th Street studio where Katie Couric debuts next month – but they’re doing it on the cheap.

Instead of erecting a similar giant banner with Couric’s beaming face outside NBC headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Center, CBS has settled for small posters of the perky newsgal on the walls of the subway station underneath 30 Rock – most of them in easy reach of graffiti vandals.

“That’s how cheap CBS is – they can’t put up a billboard to trumpet their new evening news talent,” one media observer snickered. NBC isn’t too concerned at its rival’s payback. An NBC insider even hinted there could be trouble ahead for the Couric ads, quipping, “It’s pretty hard to reach a 15-foot Brian Williams, Matt [Lauer], Meredith [Vieira], Al [Roker] or Ann [Curry] with a Sharpie!”

A CBS insider shot back, “We’re happy with our underground campaign that will rattle NBC employees as they come to work each morning.”