FCC Rejects Time Warner’s NFL Appeal

FCC Rejects Time Warner's NFL Appeal 1The Federal Communications Commission Monday reaffirmed last Thursday’s ruling that Time Warner Cable had to carry NFL Network for 30 days on systems just acquired from Comcast and Adelphia Communications.

Last Friday, Time Warner threatened to take the FCC to court if the agency didn’t back down and allow it to drop NFL Network. Following the release of the FCC’s second decision, Time Warner did not commit to a court fight over the need to provide consumers a 30-day notice before deleting a channel.

“Time Warner Cable continues to believe that the FCC has misconstrued the notice rules and has ordered a remedy that is in clear violation of the First Amendment. The FCC’s action has resulted in exacerbating, not avoiding, consumer confusion,” Time Warner spokesman Mark Harrad said. “We are reviewing the decision and considering our options.”

Time Warner and NFL Network have never had a carriage agreement, but the network had deals with Comcast and Adelphia systems that Time Warner obtained July 31 when the $16.9 billion Adelphia transaction closed.