HOT PROPERTY 1TONIGHT, Bravo launches their latest reality show, “Million Dollar Listing” – set in the ridiculously wealthy suburbs of L.A. where a million dollars is probably the starting salary for butlers.

Focusing on several brokers from two real-estate offices, the series takes us inside a few fascinating deals, which could happen or could fall apart faster than Michael Jackson’s nose.

And speaking of bad plastic surgery – this show is loaded with it. Many of the women, whether they are clients or brokers, whether they are over the hill or haven’t even started to climb, look strangely, sadly and bizarrely alike.

L.A. blondes with too-tight faces and boobs so big and fake they look like inflatable life vests. And those lips! Someday there could be a citywide tragedy if all those lips start popping all at once.

Half the fun of watching this show is the horrifying plastic surgery, the hair, the nails, the inappropriate clothing. Just great.

But what’s even more interesting is that although some of the women look scary fake, the women of “Million Dollar Listing” work hard for the money and are all decent sorts, very likable.

And the men are, too. See, it is possible to love pushy salespeople. MORE