Listen up Trekies. The Sci Fi Channel just acquired the rerun rights to “Star Trek: Enterprise” along with several other series, made-for-TV movies and miniseries.

The Sci Fi Channel deal with CBS Paramount Domestic Television also includes a renewal of exclusive cable rights to the classic series “The Twilight Zone“; the TV show “Tales From the Darkside“; as well as “Threshold,” starring Carla Gugino, “Wolf Lake,” with Lou Diamond Phillips, “Jake 2.0,” starring Christopher Gorham, “Haunted,” featuring Matthew Fox, “Kindred, the Embraced,” “Level 9,” “Special Unit 2” and “All Souls.”

Sci Fi said it’s planning to premiere “Enterprise,” the “Star Trek” prequel that stars Scott Bakula and ran from 2001-05 on UPN, in early fall.

Are you excited?