The Video Frenzy Has Only Just Begun

The Video Frenzy Has Only Just Begun 1“Prices are insane!”

That’s the obvious observation from a buyer who wants to snap up a great property on the cheap, such as those video-sharing sites with a library of mostly music and silly home videos.

This week, Sausalito, Calif.-based Grouper sold to Sony Pictures Entertainment for $65 million in cash. Grouper had signed a term sheet from a venture capital company for $8 million with a pre-money valuation in the $30 million range. But Grouper decided to take the purchase instead.

Grouper is one of the three dozen or so video-sharing sites, such as, Guba, Instant Media, Veoh Networks, Heavy, and a host of others that have emerged in the last 18 months or so. All do roughly the same thing, with a twist here and there to provide differentiation. And, Grouper is the second video site to be sold this month. The first was online production company Atom Entertainment which Viacom (VIA) purchased for $200 million.

Was Grouper’s price cheap, reasonable, or fantastic?