Verizon DVR to Allow TV Shifting

Verizon DVR to Allow TV Shifting 1Verizon Communications Inc. is rolling out a digital video recorder that enables its TV customers to watch recorded shows on any television set in their homes.

The new DVR, available to customers of Verizon’s fiber-based television service on Wednesday, also enables subscribers to play music and view photos on their TVs. The DVR costs $19.95 a month.

Verizon and other phone companies are in a battle with cable companies, which have started selling phone service. Verizon and AT&T Inc., meanwhile, are offering TV service, hoping to lure away cable customers with features such as the multiroom DVR that most cable systems lack.

Verizon’s device runs on a fiber network. Using the DVR, customers can record television shows in one room and watch the show on a TV set elsewhere in their home.