CH 4 SET TO MAKE NEWS ON HDTV 1Ch. 4 will utilize new HDTV technology on local newscasts, says Frank Comerford.

WNBC/Ch. 4 next week will become the first local station to broadcast its local newscasts in high definition television.

That means folks who already have HDTV-capable TV sets will get a brighter, sharper image of co-anchors Chuck Scarborough and Sue Simmons, while those with standard sets should notice a better picture.

“This is like the difference of going from black and white to color,” said Dan Forman, Ch.4’s senior vice president of news and station manager.

Since January, station officials have been planning and executing the shift to HDTV, which eventually will be the norm for all television. It has required the addition of five new robotic HDTV cameras to the studio, the addition of a live remote truck able to deliver HDTV images, and the creation of a new control room.

Moreover, because HDTV is so much sharper, staffers at Ch. 4 have been touching up scratched paint and dings in the current set that don’t show up now, but will on Wednesday when the changeover takes place.

“The cameras pick up so many details,” said Matthew Braatz, NBC TV stations regional vice president of technology.