Google’s book search will offer the classics

Google's book search will offer the classics 1Google’s book search will offer the classics

Google on Wednesday plans to begin letting consumers download and print for free classic novels and other, more obscure books that are in the public domain because of their age.

Using Google’s Book Search service, Web surfers hunting titles like Dante’s “Inferno” will be able to download PDF files of the books for later reading, to run searches or to print them on paper. Until now, the service only allowed people to read the out-of-copyright books online. [email protected]

Samsung has new tool for mobile phone users

NEW YORK:Samsung Electronics, a maker of wireless phones, plans to demonstrate a new technology that transmits signals to mobile phones faster than other wireless Internet access services.

The so-called fourth-generation mobile technology can receive data at sustained speeds of 100 megabits a second in a vehicle moving at 60 kilometers, or 37 miles, an hour.

Radstone rejects offer that it says is too low

LONDON: The British computer hardware maker Radstone Technology said that it had rejected a third takeover bid from the Italian computer company Eurotech on the grounds that it undervalued the company. MORE