Several YouTubers have discovered the perfect cat toy for their pets. The only problem is, it’s their Apple computers and costs $1,000+ dollars.

1Cats On Laptops: The Perfect Warm Place For Cat Naps

If you don’t already own a cat (or a laptop) then you might wonder why you always see pictures of cats on laptops. Since laptops generate heat, they are the perfect sized heating pads for cats.

2Cat Plays With Apple Front Row

Not only is a laptop like the MacBook very warm for cozy catnaps, but it can also provide hours of entertainment thanks to Apple’s media center application called Front Row.

3Cat Unimpressed By Apple Front Row

But not all cats are impressed by Front Row. This cat couldn’t care less about Front Row. But it still likes the warmth from the Apple laptop.

4This Cat Can’t Catch The Mouse

Videos of other animals, like birds and mice, can also provide entertainment. What app is this? We really want to know.

5Bird Videos On An iMac Screen Drive This Cat Wild

Let’s hope this cat owner got their cat declawed or invested in some scratch-proof screen protectors.

6The Apple Retina Display Is Virtual Reality For Cats

Computers with the new Retina Display help videos look even more life-like than ever. You could even argue that the retina display is virtual reality for cats.

7Is The Mac OS Curser The Perfect Cat Toy?

Check out this Scottish Ginger cat’s reaction to the Mac OS curser. Your curser can also confuse cats and make them want to chase and scratch at it.


8This Cat Can’t Stop Attacking The Mac OS X Desktop

Depending on the cat, videos of other animals or motion may not even be required. Sometimes even just your static desktop can be the perfect cat toy and provide endless entertainment.


9Cat Grooms Macbook Pro Laptop

And if you are really lucky, your cat might even start grooming your computer for you.


10iMac Cat House

And if your cat really loves your computer, then why not convert it into a house. Check out what this cat owner did with an old iMac computer. If you want to do this too, just search eBay for people selling their old iMacs for parts.

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