Mark Cuban Is Waiting for YouTube to Get Sued

Mark Cuban Is Waiting for YouTube to Get Sued 1Mark Cuban was his usual opinionated and effusive self when he addressed an early-morning crowd at the TV Week Spotlight event during Advertising Week. Take his view on YouTube, which is that the video-sharing site made it big “because they had no problem with copyright laws. … The minute YouTube gets sold there’s going to be a deep pocket that gets sued.”

The oft-opinionated Mark Cuban was grilled by the audience — and he returned the favor.

Click fraud: Teens’ fault
YouTube, however, wasn’t the only target on his hit list. What’s his take on click fraud? It’s the fault of teens who can “set up a blog, get Google AdWords on it and get all your friends to click on it. So what if you make $50 or $100 — that’s better than what dad gives you for allowance. Now imagine that’s going on around the world … it’s just too easy.”