Movie Downloads, Coming Soon to An IPod Near You

Movie Downloads, Coming Soon to An IPod Near You 1It is not a stretch to say that the iPod changed, and helped save, the music business. One in five Americans has owned one of Apple Computer Inc.’s sleek little iPods. Consumers have filled their iPods with more than 1 billion songs from Apple’s Internet music store, where tunes go for 99 cents each. In the five years since the iPod’s rollout, Apple has locked down the online music business.

Now, Apple founder Steve Jobs may try to revolutionize another industry: motion pictures. Today Apple plans to debut an online store for movies. The company has cloaked the event in secrecy, but a number of Hollywood sources have confirmed that Apple will begin selling movies from the Walt Disney Co. and Lionsgate Films for play on iPods, computers and perhaps televisions. Financial analysts expect the films to cost from $9.99 to $14.99 each.