MTV Video Music Awards: Living For the Moment

MTV Video Music Awards: Living For the Moment 1The last time MTV’s Video Music Awards were in New York, Madonna tongued Britney and dissed Christina.

That was the kind of quintessential VMA Moment that the trophy show sorely needs tonight.

Ratings have dipped. And the past two VMAs weren’t particularly memorable. So as the VMAs return to Radio City Music Hall tonight — the same venue where The Kiss occurred three years ago — something, anything, is bound to happen.

Maybe Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, both scheduled to appear, will kiss and make up. (Yeah, right.) Maybe Beyonce will bring out some hot firemen as she belts her new you-done-me-wrong anthem, “Ring the Alarm.” (Hmm . . . ) Maybe the four synchronized men of the rock band OK Go, scheduled to perform their YouTube hit “Here It Goes Again,” will fall off their treadmills. (Who knows?)

That’s the beauty of the VMAs. It’s predictably unpredictable, almost to the point of being formulaic. And, for the most part, MTV has stuck to that formula because it has worked out.