Sony Debuts LocationFree Devices

Sony Electronics wants consumers to take video outside of thier living room. This week they announced three devices that can deliver content wherever a broadband Internet connection is available.

Starting in October, two new Sony LocationFree base stations and LocationFree TV box will allow consumers to wirelessly stream TV programs, movies and personal video content to devices including a Sony PlayStation Portable game device, PC or television set outside the home.

Priced at $200 and $250, the two base stations can forward TV and stored video content from a home-entertainment center over a broadband Internet connection of at least 300 kilobits per second to any TV in a remote location. The $250 LF-B20 base station can also wirelessly connect to any remote home network.

The portable $230 LocationFree TV Box, meanwhile, plugs into any remote TV and communicates with the base stations in the customer home, allowing customers to tap into their home digital-media files and display video on a TV wherever they are.

The products provide access to video similar to that of Sling Media’s Slingbox. That system uses an Internet-connected box on a home TV to deliver live TV or stored video to a remote computer.

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