Zucker: Don’t Count Out TV

Zucker: Don't Count Out TV 1NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker said he would not defend the enduring power of TV in front of an audience of Web ad execs. He then went on to do precisely that, while arguing the changing media landscape would benefit so-called traditional media.

“Contrary to popular punditry, the rise of the Web does not mean the demise of mass media,” he said in the opening keynote of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mixx Conference here.

Zucker argued that while the Internet has changed the business model of programmers, it would not destroy it, but instead extend it into new areas. “It’s good to be king,” he said, “and we all know that content is king.”

But right now, too much attention is being paid to the method of delivery as the value creator, he said, citing the intense interest in YouTube and stratospheric stock price of Google. What those distribution vehicles lack, Zucker said, is high-quality hit shows like Lost that “separate the men from the boys in the media business.”