COURIC IN AN UNFAMILIAR PLACE -- 3RD 1Five weeks into her tenure at the “CBS Evening News,” Katie Couric’s broadcast continues to slip in the ratings, falling into third place last week for the second week in a row.

With an average of 7.04 million viewers, Couric’s audience last week was the smallest she’d had since taking over the evening news anchor desk, and it’s lower than the number that tuned in for her predecessor Bob Schieffer’s last week on the air in late August, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Meanwhile, the Brian Williams-led “NBC Nightly News” appears to be regaining its first-place standing, attracting an average of 8.54 million viewers last week and beating out the competition for the third week in a row. ABC anchor Charles Gibson’s “World News” took second place again, with almost 7.98 million viewers.