Are you beautiful? Even at the DNA level? DNA art is a fascinating (and expensive) trend. Companies like dna11 will actually use your DNA to create unique artwork from a DNA test.


DNA11’s DNA Portrait requires you to mail back a sample of your DNA from a mouth swab. They use the results of your test to create a stylized print of your DNA.

Actor Elijah Wood with DNA Portrait
Actor Elijah Wood proudly displaying his DNA Portrait from DNA11. Photo via DNA11.

There’s even a glow frame that is backlit that really makes the print based on your DNA test stand out.

DNA Portrait: Glow Frame
Photo via DNA11.

Kiss Portrait & Fingerprint Portrait

If you are the paranoid type who doesn’t want to use your DNA, dna11 has other options for you. Their Kiss Portrait and Fingerprint Portrait options will use the unique patterns of your body to create the artwork.

DNA Kiss Portrait
Photo via DNA11.

With both the Kiss Portrait and Fingerprint Portrait options, you get to choose your preferred style of print. The company then sends you a fingerprint or kiss collection kit, which you complete and send back. Then in a few weeks, you have your own personalized art.

Photo via DNA11.