HDTV sales strong — among wealthier consumers, study

HDTV sales strong -- among wealthier consumers, study 1Electronics stores are selling lots of HDTV sets, but that doesn’t mean the technology has gone mainstream just yet.
Well-to-do consumers still dominate buying: 26% of HDTV owners have more than one set — up from 11% last year — according a study out Wednesday from Leichtman Research Group.

“That’s a dramatic difference,” says Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst. “What is developing is an HD divide. If I’m a marketer, I realize I’m not just selling to new customers. I’m selling to a lot of existing customers.”

About a sixth of all homes have at least one HDTV, up from 1-in-14 two years ago, according to LRG’s study, “HDTV 2006: Consumer Awareness, Interest and Ownership.”

But owners still average a household income of $89,500 — 42% above the national average and unchanged in the last year, even as prices for plasma HDTVs fell 30%, and LCD models fell 15%.