Web Ads Supplement TV Upfront

Web Ads Supplement TV Upfront 1The broadcast television upfront will continue to be the primary way advertisers buy the medium, but look for more TV deals to be done on a year-round basis, involving innovative ways for advertisers to get viewers to interact with their products, media buyers and client executives said at an International Radio and Television Society meeting this week.

“The upfront is not going to die,” said Bill Cella, chairman and CEO of Magna Global Worldwide. “The upfront is still important, but we are transitioning to a 52-week marketplace.”

John Muszynski, CEO of Starcom USA, said the traditional upfront buying period is no longer seen as a place where all an advertiser’s dollars have to be placed on 30-second commercials. “We have to look for solutions for our clients business problems beyond that,” he said.