A ‘Wizard ‘ makeover : Sci Fi to update ‘Oz’ with ‘Tin Man’

A 'Wizard ' makeover : Sci Fi to update 'Oz' with 'Tin Man' 1“The Wizard of Oz” is getting a makeover, morphing into “Tin Man,” an edgy science-fiction fantasy to be produced as a $19 million, six-hour miniseries for the Sci Fi Channel.

“Our goal is to take ‘Wizard of Oz’ to the next level and make it relevant, modern and fresh to a new generation,” said Dave Howe, general manager of Sci Fi Channel. The producer is Robert Halmi’s RHI Entertainment, which produced a previous mini for Sci Fi, the 2004 “Legend of Earthsea.”

The writers of “Tin Man,” Steven Long Mitchell and Craig Van Sickle, also will serve as co-exec producers with Robert Halmi Sr. and Robert Halmi Jr.

RHI has begun the search for a director and a cast, with production slated to begin in Vancouver early next year for a proposed air date on Sci Fi of December 2007.