Apple Shining

Apple Shining 1For the second day in a row, Steve Jobs proved he’s a Teflon titan by beating back assaults on his Apple empire over a boardroom options-rigging scandal.
Shares of Apple Computer had taken a beating for two straight mornings following reports that his board may have backdated 7.5 million stock options to reward Jobs improperly only to recover at the end of each session.

Analysts aren’t surprised by the way investors rallied around Jobs, the business leader with a Midas touch on new products who’s earned more than $70 billion for them recently.

“The only way he could sustain any damage is if he were caught barbecuing some of the lovable characters from ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Toy Story,’ ” said Anthony Sabino, a business professor at St. John’s University, referring to the popular animated flicks made by Jobs’ Pixar.

“He’s basically a Teflon executive because of his incredible achievements,” said Sabino.