Yahoo Revamp Leaves Braun, Rosensweig Out of Jobs

Yahoo Revamp Leaves Braun, Rosensweig Out of Jobs 1Yahoo media group chief, Lloyd Braun, a former ABC executive, left the Web company after a broad restructuring that reduced his power. The executive shuffle is part of Yahoo’s efforts to clean house following financial struggles this year.

The management changes followed a board meeting Tuesday in which it gave the boot to Dan Rosensweig, the company’s chief operating officer. Yahoo executive David Katz, in charge of sports and studio content, had left Monday.

Yahoo has failed to keep pace with Google in nearly every area, with profits plunging in the third quarter while Google’s soared. Yahoo’s efforts to introduce a new Web search advertising system have been delayed, and the company’s ad revenues in key categories have fallen. Some of Yahoo’s efforts to right the ship have been tepidly received, such as a redesign of Yahoo TV that drew negative reviews from Internet users.