Apple packs all kinds of high-tech goodies into iPhone

Apple packs all kinds of high-tech goodies into iPhone 1With its long-anticipated iPhone, Apple is hoping to do to the wireless industry what it has already done to the music business: Rock it.

The iPhone is certainly a looker: super thin, touch-screen, closer in appearance to a Nano than a Treo. It combines a mobile phone, widescreen iPod and Internet capabilities.

At $499 for a 4-gigabyte version and $599 for 8 GB, the devices won’t be cheap. You’ll be able to buy them online or at retail stores through Apple and Cingular, the wireless carrier for the phone. Service plans will be announced before the phone is available in June.

The details:

As an iPod. Using your finger, you can navigate the device’s 3.5-inch display. You can watch podcasts, TV shows, movies – and, of course, listen to music and audiobooks. You can also rapidly scroll through album covers using the clever Cover Flow feature on iTunes. But you cannot wirelessly download music purchased off iTunes. Instead, you connect or dock the device as with any iPod.



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