Ever Wondered How Groundhog Day Began?

    It’s become a tradition and a tourist event for over a century. Groundhog Day is an unofficial holiday that everyone knows is absurd, and yet can’t stop observing.

    So why does a furry animal that looks like an overstuffed rodent hold such sway every February 2nd?

    The answer lies shrouded in the shadows of history (and if the groundhog sees that shadow, does that mean we’ll have six more weeks of history?)

    Most experts suggest the tradition began when German settlers brought their tradition of Candelmas to North America in the 1700s.

    Feb. 2nd is supposed to be the mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. According to legend, if the weather was good on that day, the rest of the winter would be stormy and cold.

    If not, the coldest season of the year would be over soon and farmers could start to think about planting their crops.

    Eventually a hedgehog – not the more traditional creature used today – was added, and the story of seeing his shadow began.

    BY THE WAY… Punxsutawney Phil DID NOT see his shadow today so you know what that means…early spring!

    Ever Wondered How Groundhog Day Began? 1

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