Joss Whedon Leaves Wonder Woman Film Project

Joss Whedon

Bad news Browncoats! Last week Joss Whedon pulled himself from the Wonder Woman film project. He was both the writer and director.

Whedon who made his fame with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly had always cast his female character in a very positive and empowering light. So when the opportunity to write a script for Wonder Woman came his way, it just seemed like a natural fit. However after several months Whedon decided to pull himself from the project.

“I had a take on the film that nobody liked,” said Whedon. Another factor was that he and the film’s producer Joel Silver “just saw different movies.”

Anyone who knows Joss Whedon and his writing style is likely disappointed at this news. At least Joss is keeping busy. He just directed an episode of the hit American TV show The Office for NBC. I saw this Whedon about The Office clip on YouTube and thought fellow Browncoats would enjoy it.

Whedon’s next project is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic book series. Personally I’d rather see him do more TV and film. Wonder Woman is still expected to debut sometime in 2007 with a new director… but I doubt it. Marvel and DC need to stop making one-off superhero movies and start a multi-character story arch similar to what they do in their comic books. The Avengers would be a good place to start. Then do some spin-offs with stronger characters like Hulk, Iron Man and Thor.