CBS Doubles Bandwidth for NCAA Streams

CBS Doubles Bandwidth for NCAA Streams 1While CBS Corp. is doubling the amount of bandwidth available for viewing NCAA tournament games this year, it will still restrict the number of viewers to keep the system running smoothly.

The video streams proved very popular last year. CBS is also beefing up the image quality for the video and making the online video player larger, which will take up some of the added bandwidth.

Joe Ferreira, the vice president of programming at CBS SportsLine, says the site is aiming to accommodate up to 300,000 viewers at any given time, up from around 175,000 simultaneous viewers last year.

Once that limit is reached, fans will be diverted to online “waiting rooms” until enough other users leave to allow new ones in.

CBS has been offering online viewing of the NCAA basketball games since 2003, but this is only the second year that they will be offered for free and supported with advertising. In previous years, fans had to pay for a subscription to view the games.

CBS Doubles Bandwidth for NCAA Streams 2

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