NBC rebooting Web plans, media player

    NBC rebooting Web plans, media player 1NBC is taking its “TV 360” approach for another spin.

    The peacock will announce a broad set of bold changes to its Internet strategy at its annual program development presentation to advertisers Thursday.

    NBC.com will become the first broadcast Web site to adopt social-networking tools similar to those on MySpace, including the ability to embed NBC video clips outside the site.

    In addition, the network is fine-tuning its media player, NBC Rewind, and revealing new online content to accompany its summer series, including a continuation of its multiplatform expansion of the hit “Heroes” even after the freshman season ends in May.

    During a week in which each of the broadcasters hosts events offering a sneak peek at its primetime pilot choices, NBC also is putting its broadband menu in the spotlight. The goal is establishing a point of distinction among advertisers, who are increasingly interested in spreading their dollars across media.

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